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Pleasant Grove Junior High School Financial Office

Michelle Dutson, Finance Secretary

Office Hours are Monday-Friday 7:30-2:30 pm


School Fees, Fee Waivers, and Spend Plans–Important Information

District School Fees Website

Fee Waivers

**Students with an approved fee waiver are not required to pay waivable fees. Please note that if a student with an approved fee waiver voluntarily chooses to pay a waivable fee, the payment will be treated as a donation to the applicable program or activity unless a refund is requested. Please contact the finance office at Pleasant Grove Junior High with any questions.

**Those with an approved or pending fee waiver are asked to contact the school finance office rather than paying fees online.

Fee Waiver - English

Cuota de Waiver - Español

School Lunch Fees and
Free/Reduced Applications

Click here to pay online lunch.