Dress Code

Every Child Matters!

Fads and extremes of dress and appearance tend to attract improper attention to the individual and interfere with the educational process. The Alpine School District Board of Education requires all of its students to conform to standards, avoid extremes, exemplify personal cleanliness, and wear clothes that are clean and free of tears or frays. The school will make the final determination on clothing or attire that seems inappropriate.

  • No clothing or displays with reference to drugs or alcohol, vulgar or profane language, and inappropriate messages or pictures.
  • No low riders, bare midriffs, or excessively baggy clothing.
  • No display of colors or symbols associated with gangs, including bandanas.
  • No head coverings.
  • No chains or long belts that hang.
  • No display of undergarments.
  • No muscle shirts.
  • Skirts and shorts should be modest. Determinations will be made by having the student kneel on the ground and then measuring 7 inches from the floor. The bottom of the clothing must extend to this line. Skirt slits must comply with this policy too.
  • Shirt straps at shoulder must be at least 4 inches wide.
  • Hair should be kept clean and well-maintained. No unnatural hair colors are acceptable (such as blue, green, orange, etc.).  Hair styles should not interfere with learning in the classroom for the student or other students (obstructing views, excluding class participation, etc.).  The administration will make the final determination on acceptable hair styles.
  • No exaggerated body piercing (i.e. nose, lips, tongue, eyebrows, excessive ear piercing, etc.).

Interpretation of the standards will be both the right and responsibility of the school administration.